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seize-the-night-9781476783093_hrSEIZE THE NIGHT edited by Christopher Golden
October 2015
Gallery Books

SEIZE THE NIGHT is a terrific collection of short stories featuring more than a few powerhouses in the world of horror. Authors such as Charlaine Harris, Scott Smith, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kelley Armstrong, Michael Koryta and Dana Cameron all contributed fantastic tales. Shiny happy vampires with fawning girlfriends will not be found within these pages—these authors have reclaimed the true horror of the vampire. In fact, more than a few drew on various types of early mythology to re-imagine the modern vampire, breathing fresh life and perspective into the genre.
Bibliophiles will love the tale “Paper Cuts” by Gary A. Braunbeck. Remember when we burned those vampires years ago? And buried the ashes? Well those ashes grew into thirsty trees, which were eventually cut down to make paper. And now those books are awfully thirsty…

Charlaine Harris’s story “Miss Fondevant” features…

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I already liked this brother….and then I found this in the archives. #Truth

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It’s been the best of time, it’s the worst of times. Dickens couldn’t have summed my life up any better. This is the tale of two lifestyles, if you dare. A roller coaster ride it’s truly been. Ive always been one to follow my heart and my feelings and lately I feel I’ve been call to do what it is I’m doing now. Coming out.

I’ve constantly pushed my friends and strangers who read my writings and social network posts to live truthfully, honestly, authentically, and with love and compassion and I feel the world needs a little bit more authenticity. I need it from myself. So this is me practicing what I preach. Hopefully the few pages of this post inspires someone to live a more authentic life as well, or at least not want to kill themselves for being different.

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I’m going to preface this entire blog post by saying that blog posts are meant to be a vehicle for a person to express their personal views. Whether you agree or disagree, I’m not writing this to start a debate or get into an argument. I’m writing this to say something that I want to say and just put out there to the universe. Healthy debate and discussion is encouraged but please be nice to each other, otherwise I will delete comments.

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Interesting read!

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Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.22.38 PM

NBC did not “cancel” Hannibal.

Well, okay, that’s maybe a bit confusing. NBC did in fact announce that Season 3 would be the end of the show’s run on the network, following a slide from “problematic” to “abysmal” demographic ratings this summer. But while the rhetoric of cancellation was perhaps logically used to describe this decision, the simple fact is that NBC does not have the authority to cancel Hannibal. They are, in this case, one licensee of an international co-production, who Entertainment Weekly has revealed is paying only $185,000—this is absurdly low for a broadcast series, even in summer—in order to air season three of the show produced by Gaumont International Television. And so what’s really happening here is that Gaumont and its other producing partners—including Sony Pictures Television, who distributes the series and co-produces through its AXN international cable network—are losing their U.S. distributor. [I talked…

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Everyone is so befuddled about the Rachel Dolezal story. I don’t think I’ve ever seen America so bewlidered by one story since…the Clinton marriage scandal? Dave Chappelle ending up in Africa? One of those two stories. In any event, here’s what we know so far (which still isn’t a lot):

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The last five months have been decidedly Serial-free, but good news is on the horizon: Not just one, but two more seasons of Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder’s award-winning podcast are on their way, producers announced in an email to newsletter subscribers on Wednesday, via Bustle. Season 2 will debut in the fall, while season 3 will follow in spring 2016, according to the email.

Any inside track on either season’s subjects? Nope! This is all the team is saying: “They’re very different from Season One, but no less interesting to us.” Until then—aka when your commute will resume not being terrible—you can catch Koenig and Snyder on tour promoting their next installment. Dates and information are below.

June 6: Wolf Trap,Vienna, Va. (evening lecture with Koenig and Snyder)

June 10:The Bushnell Theatre,Hartford, Conn. (Koenig and Snyder)

August 1: Long Center,

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Yeah, I was a little sad today. I’ve been mopey and disgruntled for the last 2 weeks. I felt like I was being constantly assailed by the store displays and commercials. I did fine last year, but this Mother’s Day? Not so good.

I miss my Mom very, very much. I think about her almost every day. I hope people who still have their Mom (or maternal figure) in their lives really cherish them, but I know all too well that feeling of having more than enough time. Now I know the feeling of running out of time. Gone too soon. You never DO miss your water, until your well runs dry.

The other thing that has bothered me this Mother’s Day was the barrage of think pieces about how childless women suffer on Mother’s Day. Really, y’all? Really? I’m a childless woman and I’ve never thought of Mother’s Day as some sort of affront to my womanhood. I have not one time felt as if I was being mocked by Mother’s Day or made to feel ‘less than’ because I have no children. Of course, I always had a Mother to celebrate on Mother’s day! But I always took time out to celebrate my friends, co-workers and complete strangers that were Mothers as well.

Now I can understand that for women that want children and are for some reason unable to conceive, adopt or foster, Mother’s Day can be a difficult day. But is it really reasonable to expect and/or assume that ALL childless women feel burdened, nay shamed, by Mother’s Day? It just feels like a(nother) cheap attempt to create false indignation (and clicks) because there is something happening from which you specifically cannot benefit.

The problem with fake outrage is that it drowns out real justified outrage. – @KidFury (WORD!)


Annnnyway, Mother’s Day is almost over now. I shed some tears this morning but I’m okay now. I usually try to focus on what I have and not on what I’ve lost but today I just couldn’t do it. I miss my Mom, y’all. I really, really miss her. She was my foundation, my rock, my touchstone. Now I feel like a table with one leg that’s too short, so I cannot balance. My equilibrium is out of wack. I know she’d want better for me than to be sad and wallow, but sometimes that’s the best I can do. I have tried to remember two things since my Mom died. One, if you love somebody, show them, TELL them while they’re alive! And two, life is short. If there’s something you want to do, DO IT. You never really know when you’ll run out of time.


Me (almost 6 months) & Mom

Me (almost 6 months) & Mom


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