Snow Day 02.16.15


My Weekend of Catch Up turned into An Extended Weekend Thanks To Sleet And Ice. Ohhhhh, family. Let. Me. Tell. YOU. I could soooooo get used to this. Afternoon naps every day? YES. Staying up late like a teenager watching TV. YES.  Watching allllll the TV? YES.

Yes, freezing rain, sleet, snow and ice came to the Mid-South this week. Lots of ice! The picture above looks innocuous enough, but that is thick, solid ice. Yeesh.

So! I had lots and lots and lots of time to catch up on shows. And catch up I did! Let’s just look at the tally, please!

Constantine, 4 eps

Empire, 3 eps

Banshee, 2 eps

Forever, 2 eps

Agent Carter, 3 eps

Castle, 3 eps

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 1 ep

Black-ish, 1 ep

Sleepy Hollow, 1 ep

Grimm, 3 eps

Arrow, 1 ep

Archer, 1 ep

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, 1 ep

BAM! I watched alllll of the shows! A great way to spend time on snowed/iced in days.


Now, I still have 2 or 3 eps of Cougar Town & 1 ep of Agent Carter left to watch. Oh, and Arrow, Empire and Black-ish from tonight. Well, hell.


The good news for me is that Sleepy Hollow, Girlfriends Guide, and Agent Carter have only 1 more episode each. And after this week, all my CW shows are going on hiatus for a few weeks. Leaving me with more time to stay current on the 400 shows that I watch. And to watch the shows I meant to start but haven’t yet. And to watch the shows I started but haven’t finished. And to find new shows….




So much TV, so little time…..








Yeeeeeeah, I am SO behind on shows!

2015 hasn’t been bad so far, just busy as hell! Too busy as a matter of fact. Too busy for me to keep up with the eleventy-dozen shows I’m watching.

In a conversation with a friend, I realized I was keeping up with 17 shows. 17. They weren’t all airing at the same time, but still! When I told her that I needed an intervention, her response? “But when would you have the time?”

HA! I love my sassy friends! But I realized later on that I had actually under counted how many shows I watch. *coughtwentycough*

So! This weekend is the Weekend of Catching Up! Now, I did say the same thing the past two weekends, but that’s not the point here. Heh. This weekend three things MUST happen:


1. Watch the last four episodes of Constantine.


LOVE this show! It’s spooky and scary and supernatural-y. I hope it gets a second season..somewhere. Since tonight is Friday the 13th (how appropriate!), I will do this TONIGHT.


2. Catch up on Empire


I am 3 eps behind now. LOVE this crazy, soapy, melodramatic show! The pilot was SO DAMN GOOD, people! And it just took off from there. The music is great too! Besides cast members Taraji P. Henson & Terence Howard, guest stars include Gladys Knight, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Courtney Love, Naomi Campbell and Raven-Symone. Damn! If you aren’t watching Empire, I just don’t even know what to say to you right now.


3. Start Banshee, season 2


I have the first disc of S2 from Netflix in my hot little hand! Love this crazy ass show. S3 is currently airing and I hear the quality (and crazy) is just as good. The show even got a S4 renewal. Fans of heist movies and Elmore Leonard novels (among others) would really love this show.

And then there’s 3 eps of Grimm and Agent Carter, 2 eps of Forever and Castle, 1 ep each of Arrow, Archer, Black-ish and Sleepy Hollow. Margaret Cho’s All About Sex is sitting on my DVR. I have S2 of The Americans, House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black to finish. And I hear that I need to watch Transparent and Bosch. And I HAVE to tell you about how much I really, really enjoyed Bojack  Horseman. And Happy Valley. And Girlfriends Guide to Divorce! And this final season of Justified is damn near perfect so far! *stops to breathe*

And what are YOU watching?


James Garfield forever!

Originally posted on The Bloggess:


Remember in 2010 when I gave out gift cards in the name of James Garfield (the taxidermied boar) to the first twenty people who told me they didn’t know how they were going to afford toys for their kids this year?  And it was awesome until  it became very apparent that there were more people who needed help, but then you guys came to the rescue and suddenly there were $40,000+ worth of donations from strangers to strangers?  That was awesome.  And exhausting.

Then in 2011 we worked together to sponsor Project Night Night Bags (a bag with a security blanket, a book and a stuffed animal) to 750 homeless children.

In 2012 we helped get Project Night Night Bags to 1,000 children who were homeless, or were displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

Last year we donated tens of thousands of dollars of bees, oxen, and llamas around the…

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On this, the last sequential date of the 21st century, I again find myself marveling at the wonders of life.

I haven’t done most of the things I thought that I would have done by this point in 2014.

I have been besieged at times by the paralysis of loss, but I am still HERE.

I haven’t accomplished tasks perfectly, or even well at times, but I completed them.

I peer critically at the person that I am and am both fascinated and exasperated.

I am not as hard on myself, or other people, as I once was.

I want to feel better, do better, be better. But where I am is okay too. (I say, reminding myself.)

I find no appeal in “celebrating” Christmas this year. For no other reason than I have no interest. Just thinking of doing all that stuff (putting up a tree, sending out cards, thinking of what gifts to buy, blahblahblah) exhausts me. I am delighted with the time off of work though.

I am thoughtful and curious about what 2015 will bring. Will I be amazed? Will I make a difference? Will I continue to open myself up to the love and beauty around me?


I sure hope so.

So after reading this post by The Bloggess, I decided I would try the latest “thing” by googling my first name and the word “meme” and post the images that come up. Let’s see…..



Aw, that’s cool.






Tis true!



Right on, right on…



This meme has always kinda disturbed me.



Ok, kinda rude…



The shouty 300 jokes always make me laugh.



Well, damn….



Ok, that’s fucking scary! And gross!



This? Is my favorite, by far.



I can’t guesstimate how many people have said that exact same thing over the years. LOL!



Now YOU try it.


Life Without The Dog


It was a year ago yesterday. I still miss my boy so, so much. I wish I could hug him right now! *sniff*

Originally posted on Don't Play!:

I miss The Dog.

A lot.

It’s way too quiet in here  now.

I washed his bowls and stuff. But I left them out, in their usual places, because I just can’t deal with putting them away.

No more walks in the cold or rain. No more cleaning up accidents on the carpet. No more leaving functions early cuz I have to get home to attend to UNO.

Freedom. Yay?

I’ve been up half the night and sleeping late into the morning.

And you cannot imagine the amount of food I spill every time I eat! It’s ridiculous actually.

No more canine vacuum cleaner. I actually have to pick up after myself! *two thumbs down*

Way down.

I miss The Dog.

A lot.

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Trying to fit all these shows in is so hard. [/whines] But I’ve really enjoyed it!


A handful of my shows premiered last week. Every night, I came home from work, plopped down on the couch, watched my shows and immersed myself in tweeting and texting. It was great! It’s fun to go back and forth with friends while you’re all watching the same show. I love live tweeting, however, sometimes I can get so caught up on posting, reading and following various cast and crew members of the show, I actually miss out on the show. So, it’s a fine line with the live tweeting.


Of the new shows I’ve watched so far (Constantine has yet to air), Forever is the winner by a country mile. Love it! It is a fun show, even though it can get a little dark at times. Ioan Gruffudd, always easy on the eyes, plays immortal Dr. Henry Morgan with relish. Henry is trying to find out the secret to his immortality as he works as a medical examiner in New York City. He helps Detective Jo Martinez solve her cases with an almost Sherlock Holmes-ish level of perception, borne no doubt from his two centuries of living. I’m not sure how it’s doing in the ratings, but I hope it gets picked up for a full season by ABC.


Forever often puts me in the mind of Castle. Both shows have a charming male lead, partnered with an attractive female detective who has some sadness/darkness in her past. He is often places he has no business being simply by virtue of his relationship with the detective. Both shows have self-contained episodes with a larger story arc that pops in and out. Both shows also have great casts!


The pilot for Black-ish was expectedly “meh.” The next few episodes definitely picked up and it is genuinely funny. It’s a good cast and the writing is good. The only thing that I’m not crazy about is Laurence Fishburne. As much as it pains me to say it! I think I just have trouble seeing him as someone’s grandfather.  *smh*  But I’ll definitely keep watching.


Gotham has so far been underwhelming. It has gotten rave reviews from critics as well as people I know. I’m not feeling it. It has potential but I guess it needs more time. The pilot dragged and Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon had one expression: taciturn. I was glad to see him smiling in the second ep! The characters are written so broadly at this point, it’s hard to catch any nuance. I haven’t made by my mind about Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney. Over the top? Or over the top on purpose? But I do loooove the way they dress and style the character. I like Oswald AKA The Penguin very much. I would have liked to have seen more of him while he was still working for Mooney.  John Doman, as mob boss Carmine Falcone, is a “Hey, It’s That Guy!” and brings a calculating, menacing presence to the show.




As I suspected, both Sleepy Hollow and The Originals were very good in their respective openings. The Originals is just a ridiculously good supernatural show! Even if you never watched The Vampire Diaries, you can jump right into The Originals and be up to speed pretty quickly. And if this week’s ep of The Originals didn’t tear up my emotions, then the S3 premiere of Arrow sure as hell did. WOW. One of my favorite characters got killed and days later I am still stunned. It was a good ep and a great start to the season. SO glad I picked this show up!


Speaking of Arrow, its spin-off show The Flash had a solid pilot. Usually pilots are too much exposition and not enough story. But The Flash did a good job of weaving the history of the character (shown on Arrow last season), Barry Allen’s (The Flash’s alter ego) back story, and setting up interesting story lines all in its first hour. And an  appearance by the Arrow himself! I’m sold.


And if you can believe it, I did restart Supernatural. I read recaps from mid-S7 to the end of S9. Then I watched the last 5 or so eps of S9 and was ready to go! There was a Supernatural respective that came on this week that was pretty good. I was surprised at how much of the show I remembered over the last 10 years! There were show clips, interviews with cast and crew (including show creator Eric Kripke AKA The Kripkeeper) and lots of obvious love for fans of the show. The only things I missed was an interview with Jim Beaver, who played fan-favorite Bobby Singer for more than 7 seasons. And there was NO mention of fan-favorites Ellen and Jo Harvelle which is really just an egregious error on the part of the show’s producers.


But, boy, am I glad I picked this show back up. I really used to love the show! And that love was rekindled in our reacquaintance. Of course, the angst-to-end-all-angst is still there between the Winchester brothers, but it felt so good to return “home” to the familiar characters. And The Impala! Oh, how I have missed The Impala (loving nicknamed “Metallicar” by TWoP).




Another show I’m glad I restarted is (Marvel’s Agents of) Shield. So far the season has been really good. I’m glad they are keeping Ward around. It wasn’t until the latter part of S1 (and even now) that I really appreciated the job that Brett Dalton has done with that character. He took a(n intentionally) bland, cookie-cutter character and turned it into one of the most compelling characters on the show. On purpose. Wow! My only concern, from the beginning, has been Fitz and Simmons. It took me forever to figure out which one was which. For S2, they’ve given Simmons an interesting story line, but Fitz’s is still….stalling. Ah, well. Still sticking with the show!


Scandal and The Vampire Diaries have both started off well, thank goodness! Especially Scandal. But both shows are still on probation for the foreseeable future and will probably be joined by Downton Abbey in January.


And what are YOU watching?












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